News From The Edge Thinks You’re A Bum Who Needs To Get a Damn Job

*Georgia continues to be a leader in terrible long-term planning. In this round the state is suing the EPA because the EPA has the temerity to want our power plants to not dump tons of toxic waste into the air. What horrible monsters.

*The Big Picture has a great article about the change in bookkeeping that occurred in 2008 at the behest of the banks, which has ironically lead to the precipitous drop in bank stocks right now. Oh schadenfreude, how I love thee.

*Piggybacking on the article about Anonymous’ plans to eliminate the NYSE from the internet, some members of Anonymous have come out and said that the announcement could actually be a plan by the FBI to trap members of Anonymous. Or maybe the questioning of the veracity of the NYSE claim is the real plant by the FBI? Or maybe the FBI is actually going to crash the NYSE in order to discredit the Occupy Wall Street protests. If that’s confusing, then…well, welcome to 21st century espionage, folks.

*Minyanville is now basically my premier source for bizarre financial news. Apparently the behavior of stock traders is very similar to the mating call behavior of cicadas.

*And here is your obligatory Steve Jobs reference.

*Oh yeah, and Herman Cain continues his insidious plan to make me want to give him a great big bear hug.


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